Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Come October

So the new term started 'n Sana's finally in my class.  She's sittin' right next to me too which is way cool.  Mr. Jace's class is on break so I only got Miss Nevy's class 'n we're doin another project on the rainforest.  Well...okay, the Amazon river leastways.  So far I done the rainforest, the cerrado 'n now the river.  I might as well just move to Brazil. It'ud prolly be easier.  We're also makin our All About Me boards cause when Miss Jill subbed, she give us homework. Catch her!  I ain't never heard'a no sub givin no projects but Miss Nevy made it stick.  So now I got more stinkin' art I gotta make.  I tole Bren I wnated a new tag for my desk cause all the ones she made me, I'm either a grownup, emo, or a brat, heh heh.  So she made me another one -- it's kinda girly, but I like it pretty okay anyhow.

We had soccer practice on Wednesday.  Man, I love soccer!  We got the coolest coach on the planet.  Wednesday we hadda run all over these balance beams 'n jump all down em without fallin off. I was pretty good at that, but I got knocked off a couple times 'n walked off the end.  Then she put up all these giant skinny pillars 'n we hadda jump onto each one 'thout fallin off em.  I made it through them on the second try.  In fact, I got done so fast Coach ain't even notice 'n she asked me what was wrong when she saw me sittin on the ground waitin for folks.  Man, I'd stay at school through most anything just to play soccer, I think.

Mom woke up a little while 'n paid the rent.  Guess she's got some stuff goin on 'n she might ain't be here for a few months.  She left us each a toybox 'n made me promise I ain't break nothin' or make her regret it.  I was hopin she'd got me a slingshot 'n she sure enough did!  And a diary cep I coun't get em out outta the box.  So I just open it 'n look at my slingshot.  Bren got a ladybug pet she named Spot.  For a girl that's as creative as she is, you'd think she'd come up with better names for stuff, but she ain't -- she still calls her bunny "Bunny."  She got some milk 'n cookies too.  It's nice to get presents, but I miss our mom anyhow.

Friday was soccer again.  Coach Jill made this big maze thing 'n put us each in a room.  Well, it was kinda like one room in the middle for offense, then defense rooms comin off each side of it, then the goal rooms in the back of the defense rooms.  We done all kindsa games in there. Me 'n Durga was orange.  First we hadda race to see how many soccer balls each team could get.  Another team won that cause they had three folks, 'n everyone else had only two.  Then we hadda get our own two orange balls back in our goal -- Durga 'n me tied with the Pink team for that one.  We done this other one where we had one soccer ball 'n we all hadda try to get it.  I won that one *grin* I sure ain't think I would neither, but I grabbed it 'n run.  Then we had like twenty soccer balls out 'n we was sposed to keep Romeo from scorin' but he totally stomped us flat.  It was a pretty awesome practice 'n if you ain't there, you totally missed out.

Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival in Little Wonders was on Saturday, September 25th.  We drug Sana 'n Estella along, 'n we met a buncha kids from school.  Bren hopped on the dance floor cause that's just Bren 'n me 'n Estella took on the corn maze.  Ain't no one tell us it was gonna be full of spooks!  We got through it okay though... Estella totally beat me through by miles.  Me 'n Bren were gonna get our picture took in our cookies 'n milk clothes, but we hadda get into our costumes for the costume contest.  Bren wore her ole marionette outfit cep she lagged so bad she hadda take off the strings 'n the crosspiece.  So ain't no one actually could tell what she was.  Least she could move though.  I wore my cardboard box angel 'n I coun't do nothin but stand around 'n look innocent.  Well... I spect that ain't hurt too much... Christmas ain't too far away after all.  Anyhow, Bren 'n Sloane got into some ring around the rosey tree stump game.  Bren was so bad lagged, she was walkin' into trees, but she finally won somethin.  Miss Kendra picked me as one of the costume contest winners even after Bren pounced me 'n mostly flattened it.  So I guess standin 'round lookin cute's got its rewards after all.  Bren got in the pumpkin carving contest too so we done ourselves pretty proud for the day, I guess.  We sat round the fire after Christov's concert 'n watched Miss Jill's family pick apples, 'n Bren stuffed herself with marshmallows.  I got a little bit partied out I guess, cause I started feelin real lousy 'n ended up havin to go home from Mr. Jace's class early.  Kenzie got in trouble for swearin again 'n Mr. Jace made her folks come 'n get her 'n take her home.  Me 'n Py are workin on an animal field guide with animals we made up ourselves, like Dr. Seuss done.  I ain't really like art that much but Bren promised to help me.  We got a week off from Mr. Jace's class to work on it too.  Anyway, we had a good time pretty much at the festival.  Now I just gotta figure out what I'mma do for a Halloween costume this year.  I wanna be a gypsy but I ain't been able to find that costume I was too dumb to buy last year when I saw it.

Got my report card from Miss Nevy!  All A's!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Soccer Balls 'n Stuff

We hadda register for next term.  I can’t believe our first month of school went so fast.  Sana come down while we waited but she can’t register yet – she’s gonna though ‘s soon as it opens up to everyone.  I’m doin my same two classes again.  It’s kinda a lot, but Mr. Jace’s class rocks and I got lotsa friends in Miss Nevy’s class, so I spect I ain’t goin nowhere yet.  Brenna was harder though.  We been havin so much trouble with the comps ‘n all that she was thinking of switchin anyhow.  Then we get to registration ‘n Miss Kendra moved her class two hours later.  So it ain’t end til like 12:30 at night.  I guess that ain’t too late, but it’s way later’n Bren was ready for.  So we hadda have a lil powwow cause ‘less she come into one of my classes, we ain’t really see how she could go to school.  She ended up talkin to Miss Jill.  Miss Jill tole her she could come to class late on Mondays – Bren has to be rl on Mondays ‘n ain’t can wake up til like…5:15 or 5:30 mostly.  So she’s goin in Miss Jill’s class.  She’s pretty excited but kinda sad cause she was makin friends in Miss Kendra’s class ‘n now she’s gotta start all over.  Ms. V. moved into the house next to ours.  It’s real funny to hear folks talkin through the walls ‘n know they can hear you too.  But it’s cool.  We ain’t know her too good yet. 

Wednesday we had soccer.  Soccer’s the best part of the week.  Coach give us all a soccer ball ‘n we hadda each make our own colors.  Someone else got orange, so mine’s red now.  So anytime there’s a red soccer ball around somewhere, it’s mine.  We hadda wear em around alla time ‘n Coach kept comin over ‘n stealin em.  Like she stole mine ‘n kicked it across the gym like five times.  I started bookin it whenever she come lookin my way, but it was way fun ‘n we all got to laughin ‘bout it.  She tole us we hadda have our soccer balls with us all the time til next practice.  Even in class!  Miss Nevy ain’t gonna like that, but Coach’s the principal so I figure if they got to fussin’ bout it, Coach’d prolly win.  So we wore em to class ‘n it’s kinda hard to sit at your desk when you’re hangin’ onto a soccer ball.  But we done it.  Leastways we done it til Miss Nevy come in ‘n tole us to put the toys away.  Toys!  I knew she ain’t go for it.  So we tole her we hadda wear em, but some other kids ain’t on the team were fussin’ bout lag.  See, now if they was on the team, Coach’ud just make em run laps til they either smart enough to not say nothin or just too darn tired to fuss no more.  Miss Nevy was watchin practice so you’d think she’da knew why we had em on.  But we lost that one ‘n we hadda take em off ‘n put em away. 

Miss Jill hadda sub for us on Friday, I ain’t remember why.  She ain’t like school too much I think, so it’s kinda weird that she’s a principal but I bet Bren ain’t gonna do no spellin in her class.  We got to play lotsa games ‘n stuff.  Plus she let us jump out the second-floor window, which pretty much proves she really IS the coolest teacher I ever seen.  I ain’t never had no teacher let us do that.   Well, once when I was a grownup, everyone jumped out the second floor window in college ‘n we had permission ‘n everything.  Cep that ain’t work out too good cause my roommate busted her back ‘n hadda go to the hospital.  Which shount be funny but it kinda was cause when the doctor come in, he asked her what she done ‘n she laid there ‘n bawled ‘n said, “I jumped out the window!”  Well, doc thought she was some kinda crazy, but mostly everyone did.  Jump out the window.  Guess we all were crazy.  I ain’t jump though ‘n my rl mom tole me she was glad I’d fin’lly growed up enough to get some sense.  Course I was dumb enough to open my fat mouth ‘n tell her “Well, it just ain’t been my turn yet is all.” So I spect I ain’t got too much sense after all ‘n I’m glad I’m a kid again cause it’s way more fun.  Plus we can jump out windows some more.

I had the crappy lappy for that class so I had lotsa trouble playin.  I felt real bad cause I ain’t want Coach to think I’m a quitter, but there’s some things you do ‘n some things just ain’t worth the aggravation.  Tryin to play soccer on that ole lappy’d be one of em.  Well it ain’t really soccer, just a game kinda like soccer that our class played, but same idea.  She turned the ball into a bacon wrap.  I ain’t never seen no bacon soccer ball.  Glad my dog ain’t there or we’d of had no soccer ball at all!  But we still had fun, ‘n then we went to Bren’s open house at Miss Kendra’s class cause our mom coun’t come.  Bren was pretty much the hit of that party cause I swear she tagged every single kid in her class ‘n she put em all up in a big display ‘n give em all away to the kids.  It looked real great ‘n I was pretty proud of her. 

Harvest Festival’s on the weekend.

(Yah, dude, I know it was really a month ago.  I got behind ‘n hadda keep my logs offline a while til I can get em caught up all the way.  I’m gettin there, geez.)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Young Citizens, part II-- Walk on the Wild Side

So Mr. Jace promised us a field trip but first he took us to our Base Camp.  We got a whole camp all ours with tents 'n stuff 'n a fire ring 'n everything else you gotta have for campin'.  It's pretty cool,'n he promised we'd get to camp out there after our hike next weekend.  First I hadda get through all my homework for miss Nevy.  I done so much stuff about South America I spect there's gonna be a monkey livin in my bedroom soon.  I done my biome project on the cerrado. That's sorta this grassland near the rainforest 'n it's just as weird. But it went pretty good -- I ain't so great a builder, but ever'one liked my project anyhow.  Keirsten hadda run soccer practice that Friday too cause Miss Jill ain't get to be there.

Anyhow, so on Saturday, Mr. Jace took us to these big caverns.  They totally rocked.  We got there 'n stood around gettin ready to go in.  We's on this platform like a million feet high.  Half of us went with some lady chaperone 'n the other half I was in went with Mr. Jace.  Py was in my group, 'n Jayden 'n Daisy 'n some other folks.  We hadda walk down all these bridges into this giant cave that looked like a big ole demon.  We walked down the falls 'n we ain't see it til later but they was haunted by this lady ghost.  Then we hadda walk on all these narrow paths 'n down by this big river that looked like blood.  I ain't know if it really was, but Py said the plants growin there were meat eaters.  Since they were all way bigger'n me, we stayed pretty much away from em.  Just in case.  Jayden was all goin nuts, leapin 'n flippin around like crazy.  She climbed up all the way to the top of the cliffs 'n I figured that'ud be the end of her any second, but it ain't somehow.  I gotta hand it to her -- she got nerve even if she is straight up crazy.

So we go down these weeny log bridges 'n then over these real skinny tightrope wires.  Ain't I mention this school rocks?  It's a good thing my mom ain't there cause she'd of had a stroke 'n fell clean off em.  Thought I might myself, but I made it okay.  We went down on the river 'n then through this real creepy cave.  Cep when we come out the other side... well I figure we took a wrong turn somewhere cause it was like walkin out in Wonderland.  It was rainin flowers, the waterfall was purple 'n the trees were pink tie dye.  Turned out we'd stumbled into Woodstock, but Mr. Jace made us go back into the caves.  We met up with the other group 'n they said they saw dinosaurs 'n giant spiders.  So then Mr. Jace give us some time to go lookin round on our own.  Py 'n me went back up the trail.  I took my baseball bat just in case.  We saw the ghost in the waterfall 'n hiked up to the top of some other falls too.  We ain't see no giant spider but we went into this canyon 'n stumbled into a giant nest of cobras.  We got outta that 'n fell into a huge pile of spiders.  Maybe they ain't giant but they was plenty big enough for me.  After that I fell in the river 'n near to drowned.  We were gonna try to hike way up to this other tightrope bridge, but Mr. Jace called us back 'n said it was time to go back to base camp.  So we done that 'n had sandwiches 'n sodas.  Then we all sat around the bonfire while Mr. Jace tole us these real creepy stories.  It was way fun.  I hope he tells October in the Chair sometime -- that's one'a my favorites.  We was sposed to stay all night 'n sleep with our rice rally teams but everyone ended up goin home finally.  It was still the rockingest class I ever had though.

Oh, 'n red's winnin the rice rally right now.  Yeah red team!

Caverns collage

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Young Citizens Society

I already talked 'bout Mr. Jace's class before, but it's really gotta be the coolest classI ever heard of before.  It ain't hardly like school at all cep the whole learnin' part.  We're still playin' rice 'n I think the Red Team's ahead.  But we're doin' lotsa other cool stuff too.

We learned all about honeybees one week.  We hadda read a book about em in class 'n we talked about it.  Tristan found this thing bout these honeybees buildin' a hive all up in a church steeple.  No foolin'!  It was like 75 feet tall 'n the church only found it cause there was honey rollin' down the walls inside one day.  Guess when the Bible talked 'bout the land of milk 'n honey, it ain't kiddin!  They hadda kill all them bees though, which is real bad, cause I ain't never hear of no endangered insect before but if there is one, I guess it's the honeybee.  They're in a whole lotta trouble cause of pesticides 'n other stuff 'n if we lose em, we're the ones that's in a whole lotta trouble.  Honeybees help all the crops like oranges 'n peaches 'n strawberries 'n stuff so I reckon we better shape up 'n take care of em.  Too bad the bees in that church ain't killer bees instead.  Now there's one I spect we could do without.

We come in another day 'n played Bingo.  No, wait.  We played BEEngo, which was way cooler.  All our cards had diff'rent honeybee pictures 'n Mr. Jace called out letters 'n pictures 'n we put honeycomb chips on em.  So while we was playin', he tole us all kindsa stuff 'bout the diff'rent kinds of bees.  There's even this Grim Reaper bee that gets ridda all the dead honeybees.  I sure ain't like that job.  Fact, I ain't never wanna be no honeybee cause the boys give the queen babies 'n then they die, 'n the queen sits around 'n lays babies all day, like thousands 'n thousands of em.  And the workers gotta be on brat baby bee duty alla time, so I figure there ain't too many good jobs in a honeybee hive 'n I'm pretty glad I'm a girl.  Man, them baby bees is UGLEE.  They come poppin' outta their lil cells like one of them Whack-A-Mole things.  Maybe I'd be a brat bee worker if they'd gimme a big mallet 'n I could whack em on the heads.  Anyway, I ain't come close to winnin'.  Spect my card was broke or somethin'.

On Friday we hadda bee day in class, 'n we all hadda come dressed up like honeybees.  I felt pretty stupid cause when I got there ain't no one dressed up but me.  So I was real glad when folks changed 'n then I ain't the only one in a honeybee costume.  Lola had this real awesome hair with big holes in it 'n inside was all kindsa food 'n stuff...sorta like a honeybee storin' food in their hives.  Cep hers was in her hair.  It was cool.  Ethan come dressed up as a rabbit, so I spect he got the wrong memo 'n thought it was Easter.  We made honeycomb jars 'n honey pots for people that was special to us.  I made mine for my mom, since she was awful steamed bout that slurpee 'n I felt bad for makin' her worried.  Cause I love my mom lots so I gave her mine.  Pygar made one for me, 'n that was awful nice cause ain't no kid never made me nothin' before or give me nothin'.  I put it on my desk at home so's I can remember to do nice things for folks 'cause maybe ain't no one never give them nothin' either.

I got more to say but I guess I talk too much.  So I'mma put it in a second post.  And someday there'll be all my pictures soon's I hogtie Bren into scrappin em for... *cough* I mean... soon's I scrap em 'n put em on here.

Monday, September 27, 2010

I had Permission...Honest!

So we had our first soccer practice on the eleventh, 'n it ain't too much like I expected.  I figured we'd play soccer but we ain't do that.  We run laps til I thought maybe I'd die, 'n we jumped over lotsa stuff too.  So everytime someone ain't jump somethin' or they start fussin' bout lag or stuff, Coach up'n gives us more laps.  ALL of us too, I ain't never seen the like of them folks for givin' everyone trouble just cause one kid's tryin to make it with 'em.  So finally I's so dang gargled at them silly kids I was all for yellin' at em to shut up 'n just run, but I ain't do it cause I figured we'd end up with even more.  'n maybe I do got a temper 'n my hair's red, but I ain't stupid.  So I kept my mouth shut, 'n we finally got done with that.  We did jumpin' jacks 'n squats 'n Coach Jill give us a big ole lecture on eatin' lotsa pasta 'n not eatin no junk food.  I'mma hafta hide the Cherry Coke at my house I think, cause I figure I prolly ain't s'posed to be havin' that neither.  But a girl's gotta have somethin' when she did somethin' good, right?  And don't gimme no broccoli neither cause that sure ain't count. 

Anyhow, Coach put us all on this big block 'n told us we're sinkin' and we gotta work together not to fall off it.  So it starts movin' 'n shrinkin' 'n openin' up holes right under us 'n stuff.  That was some pretty crazy stuff but ain't no one helpin' no one.  I fell off finally 'n so I watched 'n mostly kids was just shovin' other kids off so they could stay on.  Which's pretty much all you can do, I guess.  If it were really sinkin' that's what I'd be doin', cep I'd let Bren ride piggyback prolly cause I ain't gonna shove her overboard.  So Coach said we all flunked, but it ain't make no sense to me nohow.  She tole us we hadda come up with somethin' else.  So we come up with this idea where we all stand on each other's heads.  Now there's 'bout fifteen or so of us, 'n we ain't all there that day but there was enough.  It took us a real long time but we started pilin' one on top of the other til we looked like this:

Coach was buildin' stuff 'n helpin us cause you can't just jump on someone's head from the ground when they're five or six folks up.  So someone sneezed or somethin' cause half of us fell down 'n we hadda do it again, but that was okay cause we sure 'nuff did!  So I'm standin' there yellin to help folks as ain't up there yet, but really I'm thinkin' Coach is pretty much the coolest teacher I ever met cause she's the only grown up I know cep my Aunt Bel who lets kids do cool stuff like make a fifteen-kid stack.  Aunt Bel let me get shot outta a cannon once and that was real fine cep my ears rang for a while.  I'm also thinkin' I hope my mom ain't walk by cause she won't like it near so much as Coach, and she'll likely have a heart attack right there on the sidewalk 'n die, and there ain't be nothin' I can do about it cause I'm holdin' four people up 'n standin' on another eight.  I figure Miss Nevy got more sense, cause she was over there watchin' but right about the time I think that, she starts cheerin' us on.  So OSE's definitely the coolest school I ever seen cause all them teachers is straight-on-up crazy.

Anyhow, I got home from soccer 'n that's when Mom jawed my whole backside off for dumpin' slurpee on Sloane, but I already tole that story, so I'm goin' to bed.  Someone tell Bren to turn out the lights...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ain't No Big Deal...

Okay soo... I been goin' along real good 'n ain't get in no trouble for a long time.  But sometimes things just happen 'n 'fore you know it, there you are all in a hot mess.  Yep.

So Bren 'n me was at school 'n our mom came to get us.  That was real nice cause mostly she ain't can come pick us up too much.  Anyhow, she was talkin' 'bout how she needs to clean out her closet. Well I ain't care too much 'bout that cause maybe Bren's neat as a pin...and she is...but I sure ain't.  So I was real dumb 'n tole mom that Bren was gonna clean mine.  Note: If you're ever plannin' to swindle your sister into doin' your half of a job, you ain't oughta tell your mom first.  So Bren said no way 'n I tole her I'd pay her...  Went about like this after that:

     McKennah:      I'll pay you!
     Brenna:            cept for how much you will?
     McKennah:      ummm
     McKennah:      uhh
     McKennah       looks in her pockets
     Mom:               Brenna!
     Mom:               you let her buy you like that?
     McKennah:      what? It ain't my homework!
     Brenna:            -=*giggles*=-
     McKennah:      um
     McKennah:      twelve lindens...
     McKennah:      the tore off part of my report...
     McKennah:      and some lint?
     McKennah:      oh and half a cookie
     Mom                looks at the blue sky with her hands on her hips
     Brenna             thinks
     Brenna:            cept for I will only like a WHOLE cookie m'kenna!
     McKennah:      DONE
     Brenna             beams
     Mom                laughs!
     Mom:               you girls are too much
     Mom:               how about we ALL do inventory and I'll have cookies and milk out?
     Mom:               and that's more than ONE cookie Bren
     Brenna:             okay!
     McKennah:      aww man
     Mom                smirks
     McKennah:       man
     McKennah:      you messed it up mom!
     McKennah:      geeeeeeez
     Mom:               i don't know... I get to spend time with BOTH of my girls and bren gets more cookies...
                             I don't see a downside to this
     Mom:               do you bren?
     Brenna:            Nope!
     McKennah       grumbles
     Mom:               one point for mom!
     McKennah:       ain't no fun livin with someone who can out bribe you...
     Mom                 laughs
     Mom:                you'll learn to love it

Sometimes life just kicks you real hard in the bum...

Anyhow, you're prolly sayin' that ain't sound like no trouble, 'n you're right, it ain't.  Real trouble came later, when I was back at school...

It was Friday, spellin' day, 'n near's I can figure, ain't no one else like spellin' no more'n I do.  Audra come up with spelling testitis, which near's I can tell, means she ain't wanna take her test.  Either that or it makes her sick.  Heck, I been gettin' that since spellin' was invented, I think.  Anyhow, mostly all the kids had it, but Miss Nevy's a tricky one.  You gotta watch out for her.  So we hadda take our spellin' test anyhow.  I spect if you die 'n you go to the bad place, you gotta take spellin' tests every day for your first year or two.  Glad I ain't goin' there. 

We went to lunch, 'n I guess everyone was gettin' crazy cause they hadda take the test, cause Audra 'n some other folks start throwin' stuff at each other.  Now my mom found out 'bout them colorin' on the walls in Bren's class 'n she tole me if I did that, she'd drag me back up to school with a bucket of Comet 'n a scrubbin' brush.  So I figure, I ain't stupid 'n I ain't gonna draw on no walls, but I ain't really want no other trouble neither.  So I moved cause that's sposed to be the grownup thing, right?

Well...grownups ain't never have no fun, 'n they sure ain't gotta go to school with other kids.  Cause I sit down with Mookie, 'n Sloane chucks her whole slurpee at Mookie from clear 'cross the other side of the room.  I dunno where Miss Nevy was, but she sure wasn't payin' no attention, cause you'da hadda be deaf 'n blind not to see that thing comin'.  Sloane ain't got the best aim in the world, so she missed Mookie by about two feet.  Cep she ain't miss me, 'n she hit me square in the head 'n messed my brand-new shirt all up.

Well...sometimes you just gotta stick up for yourself.  Ain't no one else did nothin' so I offered her a knuckle sandwich, but she just burped real loud 'n laughed.  That point, I was real mad, so I took that slurpee 'n went over there 'n chucked it all down her front.  Served her right, too.  She's awful lucky I ain't dump her off that stool on the floor too, but I was tryin' to be good.  I even went back 'n sat down, cep Mookie threw a cookie at me then.  Spect anything mighta happened then, cep Miss Nevy woke up 'n figured out we was revvin' up for some sorta knockdown.  She got real mad at alla us... the whole class even, 'n made us miss recess.  We hadda all go back to class and sit with our heads down. 

I figured my life was pretty well over 'n I might as well get my stuff packed up 'n find me some hermit cave in the Wait or somethin' but it ain't work out too bad.  Sloane 'n me are fine friends now, 'n ain't no one else too mad... mainly I guess they liked me fine for keepin things interesting.  So us kids all got stuff worked out, 'n I ain't know why them grownups all got their underroos in a bunch cause they sure do.  If you think Miss Nevy was mad, you shoulda saw my mom. Figured maybe there'd be a hole in the roof from where she went clean through it 'n I spect there is cause it rained the other day 'n it leaked all in my bedroom.  So that's prolly why.  I can't figure them folks out... I mean, I ain't even really got to fightin'.  I ain't hit nobody or nothin'.  I guess when you get old, weird stuff happens to your brain 'n makes things all complicated 'n fussy.  Spect I ain't never growin' up then.

I made this for Mr. Jace's class for my art project.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Comin' Home

 So I ain't wrote in a while.  Cause sometimes life's like that -- you get so busy you figure you're gonna come in some day 'n notice you left your own head on the breakfast table that mornin'.  But lots happened 'n it's mostly been real good.

Firstly, I guess the best thing's that we got our house in Little Wonders.  I ain't mind sleepin' in the Wait, of course, but it's real nice to have a real bed 'n now Bren's got a place to put all her art stuff.  Best part is that we're livin' with mom again. 'n that's real special cause it means we get to be a family again. Not that we ain't before, it's just way better this way.  Bren's real happy cause she gets to ride the school bus, cep when mister Cree crashes it.  So anyhow, that's real great 'n it'll be nice for other kids to be around.  We been a family for a whole year now 'n I spect we will be for a whole nother one maybe.  'n that's real good with me.

So we still got school. I did my rain forest report for miss Nevy.  Mom ain't too happy with it cause it was kinda messed up 'n got tape stuck on it 'n stuff, but I turned it in leastways, so I guess that's somethin'.  Miss Nevy got her voice back so we been havin' all kindsa work, geez.  I spect where most ord'nary folks dream about flyin' and wakin up in their Underroos on the first day of school, miss Nevy prolly dreams in homework assignments. 


Sometimes weird stuff still happens.  We ain't got so many spiders no more.  But there's other weird stuff.  Like when I look up front, 'n Jess's head's up on the ceiling wavin' around 'n ain't no one notice but me.  That's some real weird stuff, man.  I dunno what they put in them school lunches, but one of us better start bringin' from home cause I ain't really wanna see this no more...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The ZOO!

Cept for Friday we getted a FEEL trip cos we goed to the zoo! Cept for we dident get to feel those nice animals cept for only one girl b'cos she getted in trouble goin in that cage. B'cos maybe she will get eated all up if she goed in there.

Cos we seed a ELLAFANT an we seed a graff cos they getted a BABY graff cos it getted SO CUTE. Cept for I will like to get a pet graff only it counent eat our flowers.

Cos then we seed the lions cos they getted their DINNER. Cept for there getted mostly bugs everywhere cept for I dident know why b'cos they dident eat BUGS. Cos that gets SILLY! Then we getted climbin up the tall tower! We seed the penguins an the donkey too! Cept for then Sierra goed to see the wolves b'cos I LIKE those nice wolves. B'cos the wolf lady telled us nice stories when I getted livin with my borned mommie an she singed us the Wolf Song. Cept for those zoo wolves dident sing cos we goed right in there b'cos there dident get any fence. Cos m'kenna telled me they dident get singin to STRANGERS is only why.

We goed to our class again cept for we getted too tired cos we taked a NAP on the table. Cos Joshy an Faith getted takin a nap cept for I only getted pretendin cos I dident get too tired. Cos then they waked up so we can get PIZZA an I getted my nice pepperonis on my pizza. I gived Miss Kendra her nice card I maked b'cos she getted BIG sick. B'cos she getted more porkepines I think. Cept for I liked that fun zoo day lots!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Ain't Never Been No Jock Before...

Well, I made the soccer team.  Mom's real proud.  Cep everyone who tried out made it so I figure she ain't really got nothin' much to be proud of.  But I'm pretty glad I got to be on it'n I'm glad Miss Jill give me the chance to.  She ain't just pick her family or the kids she knows real good so that's awful fair how she give all us kids a chance.  Then we can make somethin outta it or mess it up.

I been practicin' real hard.  Even my mom took me to practice, cause I'm pretty okay at offense, but I'm a lousy goalie.  That's way harder.  I only stopped it a coupla times, but that's still better than none, right? 

We had a picnic in Mr. Jace's class.  That was okay, I guess.  I sat with Pygar.  He's my study partner, and he's real cool.  Even if he did bring some green stuff casserole thing to eat, and dump soda on his fries.  But I like him real good anyhow, cause he's cool to everyone and he makes sure ain't no one feel left out.  I like that cause I gotta work on it some more; I ain't like no one to feel that way 'round me, and I ain't like feelin' that way too much myself.  Plus he's pretty funny.  I got a picture of Mr. Jace standin' on the dinner table.  Any picnic where the grownups is standin' around on the table's gotta be pretty fun, right?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Soccer and Young Citizens

We had soccer tryouts yesterday.  I ain't ever played soccer too much.  There's a ball and you gotta kick it real hard and get it in a net.  It's better if you get it in the net for your own team.  So Miss Jill was real late, and we thought maybe she forgot.  We were playin' before she came, and I scored some goals.  But I ain't never seen a soccer ball that sticks to your shoes before.  I did okay anyhow, I guess.

Miss Jill had an emergency, and that's why she was late.  But she got there.  We played 3 on 3 first and I scored a goal.  It was a walk-in, but it still counted.  Then we played all together and that was a lot harder.  I dunno if I did so well in that part.  I got benched, but I ain't sure that means too much, cause she put me back in later.  I prolly din't get on but there's gonna be a lotta kids on the team.  She's prolly gonna make two teams.  I guess that'ud be better than nothin.  I could practice at least so then I could get on the first team later.

On Tuesday, I couldn't spend the whole time in Mr. Jace's class, but we ain't do too much nohow.  Yesterday, we talked about food, and he put out all this food'n then took it away.  Then he tole us we're gonna be fightin' world hunger this year, which is pretty awesome cause we're just kids in a class in a crazy world ain't no one but us understand.  It's awful cool when we can do stuff that makes a difference in the other world.  We're playin' every day for rice at this site here:
So you can go play too if you're readin and you can add your rice to my team *grin* cause red team is so gonna win.  Well, okay I guess that'ud be cheatin and we already got our backsides chewed for cheatin' when we ain't even did it yet, but you can go and play and earn rice anyhow.  Cause I been starvin' before and it ain't too much fun so I guess it ain't really matter who wins.  Cause them people that get the rice'll be the real winners and us too cause we made a difference.

We're havin' a barbecue on Saturday.  We ain't even hafta wear uniforms *grins*  I'm bringin' watermelon.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Beginnings

So school's been pretty okay.  Bren ain't make cheer, and I ain't sayin' no more 'bout that one cep she gets mopey 'bout stuff easy.  But it still ain't ever shut her up, so I spect she'll live.  So I got soccer tryouts soon, I guess.

I got two classes: miss Nevy's class and mister Jace's class.

Miss Nevy's class ain't too bad cep she keeps givin' us homework.  I hadda write in my notebook, but I already had this one.  So that's okay.  I ain't mind writin 's long as no one ain't fuss about my spellin'.  Course, we got spellin' every week, catch her.  We hadda have our first class in the park, but last night we got to be in our real classroom.  I got to pick my seat and I got to sit in the back.  We got a giant Hobbes in our classroom too.  Calvin'n Hobbes is way cool.

Homework = YUCK!
So we hadda eat lunch in the classroom cep I ain't bring no lunch cause Mom was sposed to wake up but she din't, and we din't go to the cafeteria.  Plus we stayed in for recess, cause the lag was real bad and Miss Nevy was a fartball (Don't be gettin' mad at me neither cause that's what she called herself, I ain't make that up!) and she couldn't move.  So someone set these big ole spiders loose in the room, and they were runnin' around tryin to eat folks.  I ain't too scared mostly, but they were BIG.  So I threw a book at one, and then I got my baseball bat out.  Cep then the spider run off, and the principal walked in while I'm holdin the bat.  I think she ain't seen the spiders, so I hid that bat quicker'n scat.  I figured I was for it, but she musta had a busy night cause she ain't notice.  Anyhow, most kids were screamin and runnin around and climbin on stuff, and Rory was cryin.  It was pretty much a monster mess so I hope Miss Nevy ain't get ate by lag imps too much.  Or spiders. 

Then we learned about nouns and adjectives.  Then we went home.

With homework.

We getted ANIMAL day!

Cos today getted a real good day b'cos we getted to go to SCHOOL. M'kenna taked me b'cos my mommy counent take me, cept for m'kenna goed to class before me. Cos I getted to stand with Miss JILL so I can get waitin for my class. Cept for then I goed to sit in my classroom cos I getted bein the only one there. Cos then Miss Jill comed in an she gived me a nice COLORIN picture cept for how did she know that getted my favrite thing? Cos then she gived me a FAERY colorin cos faerys get my favrite too! Cept for she getted a real smart princeybull b'cos she knows all that things an she getted SO NICE b'cos she gets my FAVRITE princeybull now. Cos then I getted colorin my nice faery, cos I gived her green wings like my pretendin wings an I gived her a nice purple dress an I maked her get red hair like me!

Cept for Miss Kendra getted sick so she getted a porkepine in her throat cos when she talked, she did. An Sierra getted sick too b'cos she getted a cold. Cept for then Miss Kendra getted tryin to fix her voice an then Chloe an Ashlynne an Sierra getted colorin on the WALL. Cept for they drawed on it lots b'cos that getted real naughty. Cos then Miss Kendra dident like that an she getted sad an then they had to get sittin outside. Cept for I wounent like to get sittin outside. Only then the princeybull had to get talkin to them with her frowny face.

Cos then we played ANIMALS an I getted bein a kangaroo! Cos I like that one b'cos they getted hop-hop-HOPPIN everywhere. An I had to go to the zoo cos some goed to the zoo an some goed to the barn house.

Cos then we getted lunch an I getted my nice sandwich an FRENCH FRIES cept for I dident get my slurpee b'cos my mommy wounent let me get that thing. Cos then we goed outside. There dident get a swing b'cos they getted taked so I getted to play BUBBLES. We getted those big big BIG ones an it eated me all up. So I flied in the SKY in that bubble. Cos then we mostly all flied in the bubbles. We getted havin a SO GOOD TIME!

School getted started!!

Cept for I getted goin to my nice new school cos I love that fun place lots! I gettd in Miss KENDRA's class an she gived us lots of fun THINGS every day. Cos we getted our matching an she readed us our great story cos Alexander getted a real bad DAY. B'cos he getted gum in his hair cept for I getted a lollipop in my hair one time cos mommy had to get it washed out. An he will like to move to Australia cos so then he can get meetin the closet lady!

Cos guess WHAT! I getted a homework too, cos I can get just like my sister cept for she getted TWO homeworks. I maked this nice picture cos it gets ALL ABOUT BRENNA:

Cos I maked my red hair like me an my green eyes an then I writed my name, BrennaRoseSeideler gets me. I maked my green an purple clothes cos that gets my BEST colors, cept for I maked a dress part b'cos I like to get wearin those pretty things. I maked my nice new school shoes b'cos I getted goin to Oceanside now an then I putted my SCRAPbook name on my nice shirt cos that gets my fun thing to do. I maked m'kenna an mommy on it b'cos m'kenna gets my TWIN, an I putted my nice music part on it b'cos I get likin to get music b'cos then I can DANCE lots! I maked those nice pompoms on that picture b'cos I will like to get to be a cheer person b'cos I dident get to this time only NEXT time I can be one maybe. An then I getted lollipos b'cos I like those nice things an my picture for colorin. An I putted my magic place picture on it b'cos faeries get my fav'ritest things an I getted mine own pretendin wings. An that faery getted real nice b'cos she readed me a dragon story! Cept for I think that getted all in my picture.

Cept for guess WHAT! We're gettin to go to the zoo on FRIDAY if I get my missing slip in. Cept for mine dident get missing b'cos I finded it.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

OSE Cheer Tryouts

August 14, 2010

Cept for I getted to try out! M’kenna an me worked REAL HARD to get my tryout bein real good. An it DID get good too! She maked me my nice music an I writed my bran new cheer. An I maked her get me a voice fixer so I can say that nice cheer myself even! Cept for I dident know where to get good cheer movings so I only had to do those things the best I can. Cos I liked my cheer lots! M’kenna getted watchin the tryouts too an she telled me there gets some girls movin better but she thinked I will get to be one for sure b’cos I did good. Everyone liked my cheer lots! Cept for I getted so NERVOUS cos there getted a big butterfly in my tummy.

Cos there getted lots of girls there an they did real good cheers too. Cos some getted cheerin before other places so they getted lots of nice cheer things an pompoms an pretty cheer clothes. Cept for I dident get those cos I only had my PRACTICE pompoms that I finded. Cept for I thinked that dident matter too much. Cos some girls had to get goin twice b’cos their moves dident get workin too good. Cept for Dolly getted posed to be goin cept for she telled us she will get pukin if she had to go cos then Brigitta goed instead! Cos that getted real funny! An Roman getted funny too b’cos he getted tryin out for bein the dolphin mascot. He getted real funny cos he maked a real silly song an he getted a slinky dance too cos we getted laughin all real hard.

Cept for now I only have to wait lots, only Miss Britain telled me I did GREAT, BRENNA! so I thinked maybe I can really be a cheer person!


OSE Cheer Meeting!

August 9, 2010

Cept for I getted so EXCITED now b’cos I getted goin’ to a brand NEW school an there I can get lots of fun friends an get to do things b’cos I counent do them at my old school b’cos there already getted too many people that goed there a long time! An now my SISTER gets goin, cos that maked me really happy b’cos she wounent go to my old school! I get bein’ in Miss Kendra’s class cept for next year I can get to go to Miss Nevy’s class maybe b’cos then I can get learnin to read good. B’cos I counent WAIT for school!

Cos this year I’m gettin to get a tryout to be a CHEER person, b’cos I always wanted to be one cept for I counent before. B’cos I dident ever get to make a cheer before b’cos I dident know how to is only why. Cept for this time I will get tryin real hard b’cos I will do my BEST so I can be a cheer person.

Cos we goed to this meeting for cheer in the gym so Miss Britain can get tellin us all about it. There getted lots of kids there, cept for SEVENTY kids getted signin up but only a little kids showed up! So there only getted a few now to get tryouts so maybe I can really be one now. We getted a nice meeting an I seed my friends from Hardknock an I seed lots of NEW people I can get bein friends with maybe. Cept for there dident get very many redhair people there, just only yellow hair, cept for me an Abby cos she sitted with me. Then Candii sitted with me too b’cos we weared the same clothes! She maked that nice clothes an I like it lots.

Cept for Miss Britain getted real strict but that gets okay b’cos I can get workin real hard to be a cheer person an I wounent be bad so she wounent have to get yellin at me. Cept for I getted scared a little b’cos she telled us we get tryouts on Thursday an Friday. Cept for Friday I have to get MOVIN’ for real so I maybe counent be there. Cos I telled her that in SECRET cept for she only telled me she will get me a tryout only when she can schedule it, so I getted scared b’cos then maybe I counent get to go. Cos I telled m’kenna that outside an then we getted the list an I DID get Thursday! So I can do that fun thing!

Cos I will only have to get writin my cheer over now b’cos I writed it with one I learned before cept for I think Miss Britain will like one I writed all myself better.


P.S. M’kenna maked me do mine own scrap pages cept for I dident ever do them before! Cos here they are for that fun meeting!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer's ending...

... and that means Mom says we gotta go to school.  I got out of it last year but I spect I'm stuck for it this fall.  Bren went to Hardknock Elementary last year and she liked it pretty well, 'cept there was too many cliques.  So I guess it makes sense for us to go to a school that's bran' new.  Ever'thing's new, 'cept for all the folks runnin' it and goin there.  Oceanside Elementary's in Little Wonders; that's a new family community.  We wanna live there, but it's full right now so we gotta wait. 

So I hadda go register us for school 'cause Mom was asleep, and well...would you give Bren a thousand lindens and 'spect her to do it?  I din't think so.  I got there SIX HOURS EARLY.  I figured the sim'd get full 'cause these folks makin' this school's the same as the ones who make summer camp, and that filled up in an hour this year.  So I figured after missin' camp for the second year in a row, Bren'ud have a world-class meltdown if she din't get to go to school at least.  Anyhow, it's good I did get there so early 'cause sure'nuff, that sim got awful full.  There was like...seventy people there by the time they got ready to start!  And more that was tryin' to get in and couldn't.  I figure there were prolly a hunderd folks or so tryin' to get in to sign their kids up. 

So we made a big ol' line, and that was sorta the pits 'cause I got stuck in the back.  And then I couldn't move at all, cause I thought about the sim gettin' full, but I ain't never thought about crashin'!  So sure'nuff I did crash, and I couldn't get back on for nothin'!  Thought after all that waitin', sheesh, I still ain't gonna get to school.  That'd be okay for me, 'cause Mom can't make me go if I can't get in, right?  But Bren...well, she's real sweet till she don't get what she want, then you better look out 'cause that's like ... nuclear-level meltin'. 

Turned out it wasn't even me!  All us kids crashed the sim prolly three times, then we went on and took out the whole server.  Which was pretty funny 'cause then all the kids started makin' jokes about the lag and takin' out the server and stuff.  Yeah.  We're just that good.  So don't invite us all over for dinner, 'cause if we can do that to a server, then your house sure ain't tough enough.  So Miss Jill hadda call the Lindens, and I spect they weren't too happy to get their dinner interrupted, 'cause they couldn't even fix that ol' server.  They hadda give us a bran' new one.  But they did it real fast.  I bet they were eatin' Mexican or somethin', and they really din't want it to get too cold.  And there was this one lady kept screamin' and hollerin' that she hadda get her kids registered 'cause she couldn't stand 'em around the house no more, and if they din't go to school, she was gonna go crazy.  She tole us somethin' 'bout mudpies in the bedroom, but I din't think that was so bad.  Maybe it's a pretty good idea even!  I'd do it, if I had a bedroom.

So anyhow, I got back in cep we hadda take off all our prims and stuff, so we were all goin' around bald and barefoot.  Cep some kids din't want to 'cause I guess they get too worried 'bout other folks seein' em bald.  I tole em that was pretty stupid anyhow 'cause the lag was so bad we couldn't even see our own selves, so ain't no one gonna know they don't got hair on.  Rory and Heath figured if they hadda be bald, they'd be aliens instead so that was pretty fun.  Plus their mom could prolly find em in the crowd real easy since they was the only pink and blue kids there.  And I was still at the end of the line, cep then we found out registration was out front anyhow.  So it turned out pretty good 'cause I was at the end right by the door!  So then I was like...the third person in line.  And that was pretty good too 'cause Bren can't read so she's gotta be in Miss Kendra's class, but I'm goin' in Miss Nevy's class.  So I hadda stand in two lines, so it's pretty good that the first one was short.

Bren's gonna try out for cheerleadin' and maybe learn how to swim if Mom can let her near the pool 'thout havin' a stroke.  I ain't goin' on no swim team, if I gotta wear floaties in front of everyone, no way.  Mostly I guess I'd like to play soccer, so maybe I'll do that.  Hopefully, there'll be some cool kids at school.  Since I HAFTA go, it'ud be better if I can get some friends in my class.  Maybe it'll be okay.