Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Ain't Never Been No Jock Before...

Well, I made the soccer team.  Mom's real proud.  Cep everyone who tried out made it so I figure she ain't really got nothin' much to be proud of.  But I'm pretty glad I got to be on it'n I'm glad Miss Jill give me the chance to.  She ain't just pick her family or the kids she knows real good so that's awful fair how she give all us kids a chance.  Then we can make somethin outta it or mess it up.

I been practicin' real hard.  Even my mom took me to practice, cause I'm pretty okay at offense, but I'm a lousy goalie.  That's way harder.  I only stopped it a coupla times, but that's still better than none, right? 

We had a picnic in Mr. Jace's class.  That was okay, I guess.  I sat with Pygar.  He's my study partner, and he's real cool.  Even if he did bring some green stuff casserole thing to eat, and dump soda on his fries.  But I like him real good anyhow, cause he's cool to everyone and he makes sure ain't no one feel left out.  I like that cause I gotta work on it some more; I ain't like no one to feel that way 'round me, and I ain't like feelin' that way too much myself.  Plus he's pretty funny.  I got a picture of Mr. Jace standin' on the dinner table.  Any picnic where the grownups is standin' around on the table's gotta be pretty fun, right?

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