Thursday, August 19, 2010

OSE Cheer Tryouts

August 14, 2010

Cept for I getted to try out! M’kenna an me worked REAL HARD to get my tryout bein real good. An it DID get good too! She maked me my nice music an I writed my bran new cheer. An I maked her get me a voice fixer so I can say that nice cheer myself even! Cept for I dident know where to get good cheer movings so I only had to do those things the best I can. Cos I liked my cheer lots! M’kenna getted watchin the tryouts too an she telled me there gets some girls movin better but she thinked I will get to be one for sure b’cos I did good. Everyone liked my cheer lots! Cept for I getted so NERVOUS cos there getted a big butterfly in my tummy.

Cos there getted lots of girls there an they did real good cheers too. Cos some getted cheerin before other places so they getted lots of nice cheer things an pompoms an pretty cheer clothes. Cept for I dident get those cos I only had my PRACTICE pompoms that I finded. Cept for I thinked that dident matter too much. Cos some girls had to get goin twice b’cos their moves dident get workin too good. Cept for Dolly getted posed to be goin cept for she telled us she will get pukin if she had to go cos then Brigitta goed instead! Cos that getted real funny! An Roman getted funny too b’cos he getted tryin out for bein the dolphin mascot. He getted real funny cos he maked a real silly song an he getted a slinky dance too cos we getted laughin all real hard.

Cept for now I only have to wait lots, only Miss Britain telled me I did GREAT, BRENNA! so I thinked maybe I can really be a cheer person!


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