Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Ain't Never Been No Jock Before...

Well, I made the soccer team.  Mom's real proud.  Cep everyone who tried out made it so I figure she ain't really got nothin' much to be proud of.  But I'm pretty glad I got to be on it'n I'm glad Miss Jill give me the chance to.  She ain't just pick her family or the kids she knows real good so that's awful fair how she give all us kids a chance.  Then we can make somethin outta it or mess it up.

I been practicin' real hard.  Even my mom took me to practice, cause I'm pretty okay at offense, but I'm a lousy goalie.  That's way harder.  I only stopped it a coupla times, but that's still better than none, right? 

We had a picnic in Mr. Jace's class.  That was okay, I guess.  I sat with Pygar.  He's my study partner, and he's real cool.  Even if he did bring some green stuff casserole thing to eat, and dump soda on his fries.  But I like him real good anyhow, cause he's cool to everyone and he makes sure ain't no one feel left out.  I like that cause I gotta work on it some more; I ain't like no one to feel that way 'round me, and I ain't like feelin' that way too much myself.  Plus he's pretty funny.  I got a picture of Mr. Jace standin' on the dinner table.  Any picnic where the grownups is standin' around on the table's gotta be pretty fun, right?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Soccer and Young Citizens

We had soccer tryouts yesterday.  I ain't ever played soccer too much.  There's a ball and you gotta kick it real hard and get it in a net.  It's better if you get it in the net for your own team.  So Miss Jill was real late, and we thought maybe she forgot.  We were playin' before she came, and I scored some goals.  But I ain't never seen a soccer ball that sticks to your shoes before.  I did okay anyhow, I guess.

Miss Jill had an emergency, and that's why she was late.  But she got there.  We played 3 on 3 first and I scored a goal.  It was a walk-in, but it still counted.  Then we played all together and that was a lot harder.  I dunno if I did so well in that part.  I got benched, but I ain't sure that means too much, cause she put me back in later.  I prolly din't get on but there's gonna be a lotta kids on the team.  She's prolly gonna make two teams.  I guess that'ud be better than nothin.  I could practice at least so then I could get on the first team later.

On Tuesday, I couldn't spend the whole time in Mr. Jace's class, but we ain't do too much nohow.  Yesterday, we talked about food, and he put out all this food'n then took it away.  Then he tole us we're gonna be fightin' world hunger this year, which is pretty awesome cause we're just kids in a class in a crazy world ain't no one but us understand.  It's awful cool when we can do stuff that makes a difference in the other world.  We're playin' every day for rice at this site here:
So you can go play too if you're readin and you can add your rice to my team *grin* cause red team is so gonna win.  Well, okay I guess that'ud be cheatin and we already got our backsides chewed for cheatin' when we ain't even did it yet, but you can go and play and earn rice anyhow.  Cause I been starvin' before and it ain't too much fun so I guess it ain't really matter who wins.  Cause them people that get the rice'll be the real winners and us too cause we made a difference.

We're havin' a barbecue on Saturday.  We ain't even hafta wear uniforms *grins*  I'm bringin' watermelon.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Beginnings

So school's been pretty okay.  Bren ain't make cheer, and I ain't sayin' no more 'bout that one cep she gets mopey 'bout stuff easy.  But it still ain't ever shut her up, so I spect she'll live.  So I got soccer tryouts soon, I guess.

I got two classes: miss Nevy's class and mister Jace's class.

Miss Nevy's class ain't too bad cep she keeps givin' us homework.  I hadda write in my notebook, but I already had this one.  So that's okay.  I ain't mind writin 's long as no one ain't fuss about my spellin'.  Course, we got spellin' every week, catch her.  We hadda have our first class in the park, but last night we got to be in our real classroom.  I got to pick my seat and I got to sit in the back.  We got a giant Hobbes in our classroom too.  Calvin'n Hobbes is way cool.

Homework = YUCK!
So we hadda eat lunch in the classroom cep I ain't bring no lunch cause Mom was sposed to wake up but she din't, and we din't go to the cafeteria.  Plus we stayed in for recess, cause the lag was real bad and Miss Nevy was a fartball (Don't be gettin' mad at me neither cause that's what she called herself, I ain't make that up!) and she couldn't move.  So someone set these big ole spiders loose in the room, and they were runnin' around tryin to eat folks.  I ain't too scared mostly, but they were BIG.  So I threw a book at one, and then I got my baseball bat out.  Cep then the spider run off, and the principal walked in while I'm holdin the bat.  I think she ain't seen the spiders, so I hid that bat quicker'n scat.  I figured I was for it, but she musta had a busy night cause she ain't notice.  Anyhow, most kids were screamin and runnin around and climbin on stuff, and Rory was cryin.  It was pretty much a monster mess so I hope Miss Nevy ain't get ate by lag imps too much.  Or spiders. 

Then we learned about nouns and adjectives.  Then we went home.

With homework.

We getted ANIMAL day!

Cos today getted a real good day b'cos we getted to go to SCHOOL. M'kenna taked me b'cos my mommy counent take me, cept for m'kenna goed to class before me. Cos I getted to stand with Miss JILL so I can get waitin for my class. Cept for then I goed to sit in my classroom cos I getted bein the only one there. Cos then Miss Jill comed in an she gived me a nice COLORIN picture cept for how did she know that getted my favrite thing? Cos then she gived me a FAERY colorin cos faerys get my favrite too! Cept for she getted a real smart princeybull b'cos she knows all that things an she getted SO NICE b'cos she gets my FAVRITE princeybull now. Cos then I getted colorin my nice faery, cos I gived her green wings like my pretendin wings an I gived her a nice purple dress an I maked her get red hair like me!

Cept for Miss Kendra getted sick so she getted a porkepine in her throat cos when she talked, she did. An Sierra getted sick too b'cos she getted a cold. Cept for then Miss Kendra getted tryin to fix her voice an then Chloe an Ashlynne an Sierra getted colorin on the WALL. Cept for they drawed on it lots b'cos that getted real naughty. Cos then Miss Kendra dident like that an she getted sad an then they had to get sittin outside. Cept for I wounent like to get sittin outside. Only then the princeybull had to get talkin to them with her frowny face.

Cos then we played ANIMALS an I getted bein a kangaroo! Cos I like that one b'cos they getted hop-hop-HOPPIN everywhere. An I had to go to the zoo cos some goed to the zoo an some goed to the barn house.

Cos then we getted lunch an I getted my nice sandwich an FRENCH FRIES cept for I dident get my slurpee b'cos my mommy wounent let me get that thing. Cos then we goed outside. There dident get a swing b'cos they getted taked so I getted to play BUBBLES. We getted those big big BIG ones an it eated me all up. So I flied in the SKY in that bubble. Cos then we mostly all flied in the bubbles. We getted havin a SO GOOD TIME!

School getted started!!

Cept for I getted goin to my nice new school cos I love that fun place lots! I gettd in Miss KENDRA's class an she gived us lots of fun THINGS every day. Cos we getted our matching an she readed us our great story cos Alexander getted a real bad DAY. B'cos he getted gum in his hair cept for I getted a lollipop in my hair one time cos mommy had to get it washed out. An he will like to move to Australia cos so then he can get meetin the closet lady!

Cos guess WHAT! I getted a homework too, cos I can get just like my sister cept for she getted TWO homeworks. I maked this nice picture cos it gets ALL ABOUT BRENNA:

Cos I maked my red hair like me an my green eyes an then I writed my name, BrennaRoseSeideler gets me. I maked my green an purple clothes cos that gets my BEST colors, cept for I maked a dress part b'cos I like to get wearin those pretty things. I maked my nice new school shoes b'cos I getted goin to Oceanside now an then I putted my SCRAPbook name on my nice shirt cos that gets my fun thing to do. I maked m'kenna an mommy on it b'cos m'kenna gets my TWIN, an I putted my nice music part on it b'cos I get likin to get music b'cos then I can DANCE lots! I maked those nice pompoms on that picture b'cos I will like to get to be a cheer person b'cos I dident get to this time only NEXT time I can be one maybe. An then I getted lollipos b'cos I like those nice things an my picture for colorin. An I putted my magic place picture on it b'cos faeries get my fav'ritest things an I getted mine own pretendin wings. An that faery getted real nice b'cos she readed me a dragon story! Cept for I think that getted all in my picture.

Cept for guess WHAT! We're gettin to go to the zoo on FRIDAY if I get my missing slip in. Cept for mine dident get missing b'cos I finded it.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

OSE Cheer Tryouts

August 14, 2010

Cept for I getted to try out! M’kenna an me worked REAL HARD to get my tryout bein real good. An it DID get good too! She maked me my nice music an I writed my bran new cheer. An I maked her get me a voice fixer so I can say that nice cheer myself even! Cept for I dident know where to get good cheer movings so I only had to do those things the best I can. Cos I liked my cheer lots! M’kenna getted watchin the tryouts too an she telled me there gets some girls movin better but she thinked I will get to be one for sure b’cos I did good. Everyone liked my cheer lots! Cept for I getted so NERVOUS cos there getted a big butterfly in my tummy.

Cos there getted lots of girls there an they did real good cheers too. Cos some getted cheerin before other places so they getted lots of nice cheer things an pompoms an pretty cheer clothes. Cept for I dident get those cos I only had my PRACTICE pompoms that I finded. Cept for I thinked that dident matter too much. Cos some girls had to get goin twice b’cos their moves dident get workin too good. Cept for Dolly getted posed to be goin cept for she telled us she will get pukin if she had to go cos then Brigitta goed instead! Cos that getted real funny! An Roman getted funny too b’cos he getted tryin out for bein the dolphin mascot. He getted real funny cos he maked a real silly song an he getted a slinky dance too cos we getted laughin all real hard.

Cept for now I only have to wait lots, only Miss Britain telled me I did GREAT, BRENNA! so I thinked maybe I can really be a cheer person!


OSE Cheer Meeting!

August 9, 2010

Cept for I getted so EXCITED now b’cos I getted goin’ to a brand NEW school an there I can get lots of fun friends an get to do things b’cos I counent do them at my old school b’cos there already getted too many people that goed there a long time! An now my SISTER gets goin, cos that maked me really happy b’cos she wounent go to my old school! I get bein’ in Miss Kendra’s class cept for next year I can get to go to Miss Nevy’s class maybe b’cos then I can get learnin to read good. B’cos I counent WAIT for school!

Cos this year I’m gettin to get a tryout to be a CHEER person, b’cos I always wanted to be one cept for I counent before. B’cos I dident ever get to make a cheer before b’cos I dident know how to is only why. Cept for this time I will get tryin real hard b’cos I will do my BEST so I can be a cheer person.

Cos we goed to this meeting for cheer in the gym so Miss Britain can get tellin us all about it. There getted lots of kids there, cept for SEVENTY kids getted signin up but only a little kids showed up! So there only getted a few now to get tryouts so maybe I can really be one now. We getted a nice meeting an I seed my friends from Hardknock an I seed lots of NEW people I can get bein friends with maybe. Cept for there dident get very many redhair people there, just only yellow hair, cept for me an Abby cos she sitted with me. Then Candii sitted with me too b’cos we weared the same clothes! She maked that nice clothes an I like it lots.

Cept for Miss Britain getted real strict but that gets okay b’cos I can get workin real hard to be a cheer person an I wounent be bad so she wounent have to get yellin at me. Cept for I getted scared a little b’cos she telled us we get tryouts on Thursday an Friday. Cept for Friday I have to get MOVIN’ for real so I maybe counent be there. Cos I telled her that in SECRET cept for she only telled me she will get me a tryout only when she can schedule it, so I getted scared b’cos then maybe I counent get to go. Cos I telled m’kenna that outside an then we getted the list an I DID get Thursday! So I can do that fun thing!

Cos I will only have to get writin my cheer over now b’cos I writed it with one I learned before cept for I think Miss Britain will like one I writed all myself better.


P.S. M’kenna maked me do mine own scrap pages cept for I dident ever do them before! Cos here they are for that fun meeting!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer's ending...

... and that means Mom says we gotta go to school.  I got out of it last year but I spect I'm stuck for it this fall.  Bren went to Hardknock Elementary last year and she liked it pretty well, 'cept there was too many cliques.  So I guess it makes sense for us to go to a school that's bran' new.  Ever'thing's new, 'cept for all the folks runnin' it and goin there.  Oceanside Elementary's in Little Wonders; that's a new family community.  We wanna live there, but it's full right now so we gotta wait. 

So I hadda go register us for school 'cause Mom was asleep, and well...would you give Bren a thousand lindens and 'spect her to do it?  I din't think so.  I got there SIX HOURS EARLY.  I figured the sim'd get full 'cause these folks makin' this school's the same as the ones who make summer camp, and that filled up in an hour this year.  So I figured after missin' camp for the second year in a row, Bren'ud have a world-class meltdown if she din't get to go to school at least.  Anyhow, it's good I did get there so early 'cause sure'nuff, that sim got awful full.  There was like...seventy people there by the time they got ready to start!  And more that was tryin' to get in and couldn't.  I figure there were prolly a hunderd folks or so tryin' to get in to sign their kids up. 

So we made a big ol' line, and that was sorta the pits 'cause I got stuck in the back.  And then I couldn't move at all, cause I thought about the sim gettin' full, but I ain't never thought about crashin'!  So sure'nuff I did crash, and I couldn't get back on for nothin'!  Thought after all that waitin', sheesh, I still ain't gonna get to school.  That'd be okay for me, 'cause Mom can't make me go if I can't get in, right?  But Bren...well, she's real sweet till she don't get what she want, then you better look out 'cause that's like ... nuclear-level meltin'. 

Turned out it wasn't even me!  All us kids crashed the sim prolly three times, then we went on and took out the whole server.  Which was pretty funny 'cause then all the kids started makin' jokes about the lag and takin' out the server and stuff.  Yeah.  We're just that good.  So don't invite us all over for dinner, 'cause if we can do that to a server, then your house sure ain't tough enough.  So Miss Jill hadda call the Lindens, and I spect they weren't too happy to get their dinner interrupted, 'cause they couldn't even fix that ol' server.  They hadda give us a bran' new one.  But they did it real fast.  I bet they were eatin' Mexican or somethin', and they really din't want it to get too cold.  And there was this one lady kept screamin' and hollerin' that she hadda get her kids registered 'cause she couldn't stand 'em around the house no more, and if they din't go to school, she was gonna go crazy.  She tole us somethin' 'bout mudpies in the bedroom, but I din't think that was so bad.  Maybe it's a pretty good idea even!  I'd do it, if I had a bedroom.

So anyhow, I got back in cep we hadda take off all our prims and stuff, so we were all goin' around bald and barefoot.  Cep some kids din't want to 'cause I guess they get too worried 'bout other folks seein' em bald.  I tole em that was pretty stupid anyhow 'cause the lag was so bad we couldn't even see our own selves, so ain't no one gonna know they don't got hair on.  Rory and Heath figured if they hadda be bald, they'd be aliens instead so that was pretty fun.  Plus their mom could prolly find em in the crowd real easy since they was the only pink and blue kids there.  And I was still at the end of the line, cep then we found out registration was out front anyhow.  So it turned out pretty good 'cause I was at the end right by the door!  So then I was like...the third person in line.  And that was pretty good too 'cause Bren can't read so she's gotta be in Miss Kendra's class, but I'm goin' in Miss Nevy's class.  So I hadda stand in two lines, so it's pretty good that the first one was short.

Bren's gonna try out for cheerleadin' and maybe learn how to swim if Mom can let her near the pool 'thout havin' a stroke.  I ain't goin' on no swim team, if I gotta wear floaties in front of everyone, no way.  Mostly I guess I'd like to play soccer, so maybe I'll do that.  Hopefully, there'll be some cool kids at school.  Since I HAFTA go, it'ud be better if I can get some friends in my class.  Maybe it'll be okay.