Thursday, August 26, 2010

School getted started!!

Cept for I getted goin to my nice new school cos I love that fun place lots! I gettd in Miss KENDRA's class an she gived us lots of fun THINGS every day. Cos we getted our matching an she readed us our great story cos Alexander getted a real bad DAY. B'cos he getted gum in his hair cept for I getted a lollipop in my hair one time cos mommy had to get it washed out. An he will like to move to Australia cos so then he can get meetin the closet lady!

Cos guess WHAT! I getted a homework too, cos I can get just like my sister cept for she getted TWO homeworks. I maked this nice picture cos it gets ALL ABOUT BRENNA:

Cos I maked my red hair like me an my green eyes an then I writed my name, BrennaRoseSeideler gets me. I maked my green an purple clothes cos that gets my BEST colors, cept for I maked a dress part b'cos I like to get wearin those pretty things. I maked my nice new school shoes b'cos I getted goin to Oceanside now an then I putted my SCRAPbook name on my nice shirt cos that gets my fun thing to do. I maked m'kenna an mommy on it b'cos m'kenna gets my TWIN, an I putted my nice music part on it b'cos I get likin to get music b'cos then I can DANCE lots! I maked those nice pompoms on that picture b'cos I will like to get to be a cheer person b'cos I dident get to this time only NEXT time I can be one maybe. An then I getted lollipos b'cos I like those nice things an my picture for colorin. An I putted my magic place picture on it b'cos faeries get my fav'ritest things an I getted mine own pretendin wings. An that faery getted real nice b'cos she readed me a dragon story! Cept for I think that getted all in my picture.

Cept for guess WHAT! We're gettin to go to the zoo on FRIDAY if I get my missing slip in. Cept for mine dident get missing b'cos I finded it.

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