Saturday, September 4, 2010

Comin' Home

 So I ain't wrote in a while.  Cause sometimes life's like that -- you get so busy you figure you're gonna come in some day 'n notice you left your own head on the breakfast table that mornin'.  But lots happened 'n it's mostly been real good.

Firstly, I guess the best thing's that we got our house in Little Wonders.  I ain't mind sleepin' in the Wait, of course, but it's real nice to have a real bed 'n now Bren's got a place to put all her art stuff.  Best part is that we're livin' with mom again. 'n that's real special cause it means we get to be a family again. Not that we ain't before, it's just way better this way.  Bren's real happy cause she gets to ride the school bus, cep when mister Cree crashes it.  So anyhow, that's real great 'n it'll be nice for other kids to be around.  We been a family for a whole year now 'n I spect we will be for a whole nother one maybe.  'n that's real good with me.

So we still got school. I did my rain forest report for miss Nevy.  Mom ain't too happy with it cause it was kinda messed up 'n got tape stuck on it 'n stuff, but I turned it in leastways, so I guess that's somethin'.  Miss Nevy got her voice back so we been havin' all kindsa work, geez.  I spect where most ord'nary folks dream about flyin' and wakin up in their Underroos on the first day of school, miss Nevy prolly dreams in homework assignments. 


Sometimes weird stuff still happens.  We ain't got so many spiders no more.  But there's other weird stuff.  Like when I look up front, 'n Jess's head's up on the ceiling wavin' around 'n ain't no one notice but me.  That's some real weird stuff, man.  I dunno what they put in them school lunches, but one of us better start bringin' from home cause I ain't really wanna see this no more...

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