Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer's ending...

... and that means Mom says we gotta go to school.  I got out of it last year but I spect I'm stuck for it this fall.  Bren went to Hardknock Elementary last year and she liked it pretty well, 'cept there was too many cliques.  So I guess it makes sense for us to go to a school that's bran' new.  Ever'thing's new, 'cept for all the folks runnin' it and goin there.  Oceanside Elementary's in Little Wonders; that's a new family community.  We wanna live there, but it's full right now so we gotta wait. 

So I hadda go register us for school 'cause Mom was asleep, and well...would you give Bren a thousand lindens and 'spect her to do it?  I din't think so.  I got there SIX HOURS EARLY.  I figured the sim'd get full 'cause these folks makin' this school's the same as the ones who make summer camp, and that filled up in an hour this year.  So I figured after missin' camp for the second year in a row, Bren'ud have a world-class meltdown if she din't get to go to school at least.  Anyhow, it's good I did get there so early 'cause sure'nuff, that sim got awful full.  There was like...seventy people there by the time they got ready to start!  And more that was tryin' to get in and couldn't.  I figure there were prolly a hunderd folks or so tryin' to get in to sign their kids up. 

So we made a big ol' line, and that was sorta the pits 'cause I got stuck in the back.  And then I couldn't move at all, cause I thought about the sim gettin' full, but I ain't never thought about crashin'!  So sure'nuff I did crash, and I couldn't get back on for nothin'!  Thought after all that waitin', sheesh, I still ain't gonna get to school.  That'd be okay for me, 'cause Mom can't make me go if I can't get in, right?  But Bren...well, she's real sweet till she don't get what she want, then you better look out 'cause that's like ... nuclear-level meltin'. 

Turned out it wasn't even me!  All us kids crashed the sim prolly three times, then we went on and took out the whole server.  Which was pretty funny 'cause then all the kids started makin' jokes about the lag and takin' out the server and stuff.  Yeah.  We're just that good.  So don't invite us all over for dinner, 'cause if we can do that to a server, then your house sure ain't tough enough.  So Miss Jill hadda call the Lindens, and I spect they weren't too happy to get their dinner interrupted, 'cause they couldn't even fix that ol' server.  They hadda give us a bran' new one.  But they did it real fast.  I bet they were eatin' Mexican or somethin', and they really din't want it to get too cold.  And there was this one lady kept screamin' and hollerin' that she hadda get her kids registered 'cause she couldn't stand 'em around the house no more, and if they din't go to school, she was gonna go crazy.  She tole us somethin' 'bout mudpies in the bedroom, but I din't think that was so bad.  Maybe it's a pretty good idea even!  I'd do it, if I had a bedroom.

So anyhow, I got back in cep we hadda take off all our prims and stuff, so we were all goin' around bald and barefoot.  Cep some kids din't want to 'cause I guess they get too worried 'bout other folks seein' em bald.  I tole em that was pretty stupid anyhow 'cause the lag was so bad we couldn't even see our own selves, so ain't no one gonna know they don't got hair on.  Rory and Heath figured if they hadda be bald, they'd be aliens instead so that was pretty fun.  Plus their mom could prolly find em in the crowd real easy since they was the only pink and blue kids there.  And I was still at the end of the line, cep then we found out registration was out front anyhow.  So it turned out pretty good 'cause I was at the end right by the door!  So then I was like...the third person in line.  And that was pretty good too 'cause Bren can't read so she's gotta be in Miss Kendra's class, but I'm goin' in Miss Nevy's class.  So I hadda stand in two lines, so it's pretty good that the first one was short.

Bren's gonna try out for cheerleadin' and maybe learn how to swim if Mom can let her near the pool 'thout havin' a stroke.  I ain't goin' on no swim team, if I gotta wear floaties in front of everyone, no way.  Mostly I guess I'd like to play soccer, so maybe I'll do that.  Hopefully, there'll be some cool kids at school.  Since I HAFTA go, it'ud be better if I can get some friends in my class.  Maybe it'll be okay. 


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