Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival in Little Wonders was on Saturday, September 25th.  We drug Sana 'n Estella along, 'n we met a buncha kids from school.  Bren hopped on the dance floor cause that's just Bren 'n me 'n Estella took on the corn maze.  Ain't no one tell us it was gonna be full of spooks!  We got through it okay though... Estella totally beat me through by miles.  Me 'n Bren were gonna get our picture took in our cookies 'n milk clothes, but we hadda get into our costumes for the costume contest.  Bren wore her ole marionette outfit cep she lagged so bad she hadda take off the strings 'n the crosspiece.  So ain't no one actually could tell what she was.  Least she could move though.  I wore my cardboard box angel 'n I coun't do nothin but stand around 'n look innocent.  Well... I spect that ain't hurt too much... Christmas ain't too far away after all.  Anyhow, Bren 'n Sloane got into some ring around the rosey tree stump game.  Bren was so bad lagged, she was walkin' into trees, but she finally won somethin.  Miss Kendra picked me as one of the costume contest winners even after Bren pounced me 'n mostly flattened it.  So I guess standin 'round lookin cute's got its rewards after all.  Bren got in the pumpkin carving contest too so we done ourselves pretty proud for the day, I guess.  We sat round the fire after Christov's concert 'n watched Miss Jill's family pick apples, 'n Bren stuffed herself with marshmallows.  I got a little bit partied out I guess, cause I started feelin real lousy 'n ended up havin to go home from Mr. Jace's class early.  Kenzie got in trouble for swearin again 'n Mr. Jace made her folks come 'n get her 'n take her home.  Me 'n Py are workin on an animal field guide with animals we made up ourselves, like Dr. Seuss done.  I ain't really like art that much but Bren promised to help me.  We got a week off from Mr. Jace's class to work on it too.  Anyway, we had a good time pretty much at the festival.  Now I just gotta figure out what I'mma do for a Halloween costume this year.  I wanna be a gypsy but I ain't been able to find that costume I was too dumb to buy last year when I saw it.

Got my report card from Miss Nevy!  All A's!

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