Friday, August 27, 2010

Soccer and Young Citizens

We had soccer tryouts yesterday.  I ain't ever played soccer too much.  There's a ball and you gotta kick it real hard and get it in a net.  It's better if you get it in the net for your own team.  So Miss Jill was real late, and we thought maybe she forgot.  We were playin' before she came, and I scored some goals.  But I ain't never seen a soccer ball that sticks to your shoes before.  I did okay anyhow, I guess.

Miss Jill had an emergency, and that's why she was late.  But she got there.  We played 3 on 3 first and I scored a goal.  It was a walk-in, but it still counted.  Then we played all together and that was a lot harder.  I dunno if I did so well in that part.  I got benched, but I ain't sure that means too much, cause she put me back in later.  I prolly din't get on but there's gonna be a lotta kids on the team.  She's prolly gonna make two teams.  I guess that'ud be better than nothin.  I could practice at least so then I could get on the first team later.

On Tuesday, I couldn't spend the whole time in Mr. Jace's class, but we ain't do too much nohow.  Yesterday, we talked about food, and he put out all this food'n then took it away.  Then he tole us we're gonna be fightin' world hunger this year, which is pretty awesome cause we're just kids in a class in a crazy world ain't no one but us understand.  It's awful cool when we can do stuff that makes a difference in the other world.  We're playin' every day for rice at this site here:
So you can go play too if you're readin and you can add your rice to my team *grin* cause red team is so gonna win.  Well, okay I guess that'ud be cheatin and we already got our backsides chewed for cheatin' when we ain't even did it yet, but you can go and play and earn rice anyhow.  Cause I been starvin' before and it ain't too much fun so I guess it ain't really matter who wins.  Cause them people that get the rice'll be the real winners and us too cause we made a difference.

We're havin' a barbecue on Saturday.  We ain't even hafta wear uniforms *grins*  I'm bringin' watermelon.

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