Monday, September 20, 2010

Ain't No Big Deal...

Okay soo... I been goin' along real good 'n ain't get in no trouble for a long time.  But sometimes things just happen 'n 'fore you know it, there you are all in a hot mess.  Yep.

So Bren 'n me was at school 'n our mom came to get us.  That was real nice cause mostly she ain't can come pick us up too much.  Anyhow, she was talkin' 'bout how she needs to clean out her closet. Well I ain't care too much 'bout that cause maybe Bren's neat as a pin...and she is...but I sure ain't.  So I was real dumb 'n tole mom that Bren was gonna clean mine.  Note: If you're ever plannin' to swindle your sister into doin' your half of a job, you ain't oughta tell your mom first.  So Bren said no way 'n I tole her I'd pay her...  Went about like this after that:

     McKennah:      I'll pay you!
     Brenna:            cept for how much you will?
     McKennah:      ummm
     McKennah:      uhh
     McKennah       looks in her pockets
     Mom:               Brenna!
     Mom:               you let her buy you like that?
     McKennah:      what? It ain't my homework!
     Brenna:            -=*giggles*=-
     McKennah:      um
     McKennah:      twelve lindens...
     McKennah:      the tore off part of my report...
     McKennah:      and some lint?
     McKennah:      oh and half a cookie
     Mom                looks at the blue sky with her hands on her hips
     Brenna             thinks
     Brenna:            cept for I will only like a WHOLE cookie m'kenna!
     McKennah:      DONE
     Brenna             beams
     Mom                laughs!
     Mom:               you girls are too much
     Mom:               how about we ALL do inventory and I'll have cookies and milk out?
     Mom:               and that's more than ONE cookie Bren
     Brenna:             okay!
     McKennah:      aww man
     Mom                smirks
     McKennah:       man
     McKennah:      you messed it up mom!
     McKennah:      geeeeeeez
     Mom:               i don't know... I get to spend time with BOTH of my girls and bren gets more cookies...
                             I don't see a downside to this
     Mom:               do you bren?
     Brenna:            Nope!
     McKennah       grumbles
     Mom:               one point for mom!
     McKennah:       ain't no fun livin with someone who can out bribe you...
     Mom                 laughs
     Mom:                you'll learn to love it

Sometimes life just kicks you real hard in the bum...

Anyhow, you're prolly sayin' that ain't sound like no trouble, 'n you're right, it ain't.  Real trouble came later, when I was back at school...

It was Friday, spellin' day, 'n near's I can figure, ain't no one else like spellin' no more'n I do.  Audra come up with spelling testitis, which near's I can tell, means she ain't wanna take her test.  Either that or it makes her sick.  Heck, I been gettin' that since spellin' was invented, I think.  Anyhow, mostly all the kids had it, but Miss Nevy's a tricky one.  You gotta watch out for her.  So we hadda take our spellin' test anyhow.  I spect if you die 'n you go to the bad place, you gotta take spellin' tests every day for your first year or two.  Glad I ain't goin' there. 

We went to lunch, 'n I guess everyone was gettin' crazy cause they hadda take the test, cause Audra 'n some other folks start throwin' stuff at each other.  Now my mom found out 'bout them colorin' on the walls in Bren's class 'n she tole me if I did that, she'd drag me back up to school with a bucket of Comet 'n a scrubbin' brush.  So I figure, I ain't stupid 'n I ain't gonna draw on no walls, but I ain't really want no other trouble neither.  So I moved cause that's sposed to be the grownup thing, right?

Well...grownups ain't never have no fun, 'n they sure ain't gotta go to school with other kids.  Cause I sit down with Mookie, 'n Sloane chucks her whole slurpee at Mookie from clear 'cross the other side of the room.  I dunno where Miss Nevy was, but she sure wasn't payin' no attention, cause you'da hadda be deaf 'n blind not to see that thing comin'.  Sloane ain't got the best aim in the world, so she missed Mookie by about two feet.  Cep she ain't miss me, 'n she hit me square in the head 'n messed my brand-new shirt all up.

Well...sometimes you just gotta stick up for yourself.  Ain't no one else did nothin' so I offered her a knuckle sandwich, but she just burped real loud 'n laughed.  That point, I was real mad, so I took that slurpee 'n went over there 'n chucked it all down her front.  Served her right, too.  She's awful lucky I ain't dump her off that stool on the floor too, but I was tryin' to be good.  I even went back 'n sat down, cep Mookie threw a cookie at me then.  Spect anything mighta happened then, cep Miss Nevy woke up 'n figured out we was revvin' up for some sorta knockdown.  She got real mad at alla us... the whole class even, 'n made us miss recess.  We hadda all go back to class and sit with our heads down. 

I figured my life was pretty well over 'n I might as well get my stuff packed up 'n find me some hermit cave in the Wait or somethin' but it ain't work out too bad.  Sloane 'n me are fine friends now, 'n ain't no one else too mad... mainly I guess they liked me fine for keepin things interesting.  So us kids all got stuff worked out, 'n I ain't know why them grownups all got their underroos in a bunch cause they sure do.  If you think Miss Nevy was mad, you shoulda saw my mom. Figured maybe there'd be a hole in the roof from where she went clean through it 'n I spect there is cause it rained the other day 'n it leaked all in my bedroom.  So that's prolly why.  I can't figure them folks out... I mean, I ain't even really got to fightin'.  I ain't hit nobody or nothin'.  I guess when you get old, weird stuff happens to your brain 'n makes things all complicated 'n fussy.  Spect I ain't never growin' up then.

I made this for Mr. Jace's class for my art project.

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