Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Beginnings

So school's been pretty okay.  Bren ain't make cheer, and I ain't sayin' no more 'bout that one cep she gets mopey 'bout stuff easy.  But it still ain't ever shut her up, so I spect she'll live.  So I got soccer tryouts soon, I guess.

I got two classes: miss Nevy's class and mister Jace's class.

Miss Nevy's class ain't too bad cep she keeps givin' us homework.  I hadda write in my notebook, but I already had this one.  So that's okay.  I ain't mind writin 's long as no one ain't fuss about my spellin'.  Course, we got spellin' every week, catch her.  We hadda have our first class in the park, but last night we got to be in our real classroom.  I got to pick my seat and I got to sit in the back.  We got a giant Hobbes in our classroom too.  Calvin'n Hobbes is way cool.

Homework = YUCK!
So we hadda eat lunch in the classroom cep I ain't bring no lunch cause Mom was sposed to wake up but she din't, and we din't go to the cafeteria.  Plus we stayed in for recess, cause the lag was real bad and Miss Nevy was a fartball (Don't be gettin' mad at me neither cause that's what she called herself, I ain't make that up!) and she couldn't move.  So someone set these big ole spiders loose in the room, and they were runnin' around tryin to eat folks.  I ain't too scared mostly, but they were BIG.  So I threw a book at one, and then I got my baseball bat out.  Cep then the spider run off, and the principal walked in while I'm holdin the bat.  I think she ain't seen the spiders, so I hid that bat quicker'n scat.  I figured I was for it, but she musta had a busy night cause she ain't notice.  Anyhow, most kids were screamin and runnin around and climbin on stuff, and Rory was cryin.  It was pretty much a monster mess so I hope Miss Nevy ain't get ate by lag imps too much.  Or spiders. 

Then we learned about nouns and adjectives.  Then we went home.

With homework.

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