Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The ZOO!

Cept for Friday we getted a FEEL trip cos we goed to the zoo! Cept for we dident get to feel those nice animals cept for only one girl b'cos she getted in trouble goin in that cage. B'cos maybe she will get eated all up if she goed in there.

Cos we seed a ELLAFANT an we seed a graff cos they getted a BABY graff cos it getted SO CUTE. Cept for I will like to get a pet graff only it counent eat our flowers.

Cos then we seed the lions cos they getted their DINNER. Cept for there getted mostly bugs everywhere cept for I dident know why b'cos they dident eat BUGS. Cos that gets SILLY! Then we getted climbin up the tall tower! We seed the penguins an the donkey too! Cept for then Sierra goed to see the wolves b'cos I LIKE those nice wolves. B'cos the wolf lady telled us nice stories when I getted livin with my borned mommie an she singed us the Wolf Song. Cept for those zoo wolves dident sing cos we goed right in there b'cos there dident get any fence. Cos m'kenna telled me they dident get singin to STRANGERS is only why.

We goed to our class again cept for we getted too tired cos we taked a NAP on the table. Cos Joshy an Faith getted takin a nap cept for I only getted pretendin cos I dident get too tired. Cos then they waked up so we can get PIZZA an I getted my nice pepperonis on my pizza. I gived Miss Kendra her nice card I maked b'cos she getted BIG sick. B'cos she getted more porkepines I think. Cept for I liked that fun zoo day lots!

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