Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Come October

So the new term started 'n Sana's finally in my class.  She's sittin' right next to me too which is way cool.  Mr. Jace's class is on break so I only got Miss Nevy's class 'n we're doin another project on the rainforest.  Well...okay, the Amazon river leastways.  So far I done the rainforest, the cerrado 'n now the river.  I might as well just move to Brazil. It'ud prolly be easier.  We're also makin our All About Me boards cause when Miss Jill subbed, she give us homework. Catch her!  I ain't never heard'a no sub givin no projects but Miss Nevy made it stick.  So now I got more stinkin' art I gotta make.  I tole Bren I wnated a new tag for my desk cause all the ones she made me, I'm either a grownup, emo, or a brat, heh heh.  So she made me another one -- it's kinda girly, but I like it pretty okay anyhow.

We had soccer practice on Wednesday.  Man, I love soccer!  We got the coolest coach on the planet.  Wednesday we hadda run all over these balance beams 'n jump all down em without fallin off. I was pretty good at that, but I got knocked off a couple times 'n walked off the end.  Then she put up all these giant skinny pillars 'n we hadda jump onto each one 'thout fallin off em.  I made it through them on the second try.  In fact, I got done so fast Coach ain't even notice 'n she asked me what was wrong when she saw me sittin on the ground waitin for folks.  Man, I'd stay at school through most anything just to play soccer, I think.

Mom woke up a little while 'n paid the rent.  Guess she's got some stuff goin on 'n she might ain't be here for a few months.  She left us each a toybox 'n made me promise I ain't break nothin' or make her regret it.  I was hopin she'd got me a slingshot 'n she sure enough did!  And a diary cep I coun't get em out outta the box.  So I just open it 'n look at my slingshot.  Bren got a ladybug pet she named Spot.  For a girl that's as creative as she is, you'd think she'd come up with better names for stuff, but she ain't -- she still calls her bunny "Bunny."  She got some milk 'n cookies too.  It's nice to get presents, but I miss our mom anyhow.

Friday was soccer again.  Coach Jill made this big maze thing 'n put us each in a room.  Well, it was kinda like one room in the middle for offense, then defense rooms comin off each side of it, then the goal rooms in the back of the defense rooms.  We done all kindsa games in there. Me 'n Durga was orange.  First we hadda race to see how many soccer balls each team could get.  Another team won that cause they had three folks, 'n everyone else had only two.  Then we hadda get our own two orange balls back in our goal -- Durga 'n me tied with the Pink team for that one.  We done this other one where we had one soccer ball 'n we all hadda try to get it.  I won that one *grin* I sure ain't think I would neither, but I grabbed it 'n run.  Then we had like twenty soccer balls out 'n we was sposed to keep Romeo from scorin' but he totally stomped us flat.  It was a pretty awesome practice 'n if you ain't there, you totally missed out.

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