Monday, September 27, 2010

I had Permission...Honest!

So we had our first soccer practice on the eleventh, 'n it ain't too much like I expected.  I figured we'd play soccer but we ain't do that.  We run laps til I thought maybe I'd die, 'n we jumped over lotsa stuff too.  So everytime someone ain't jump somethin' or they start fussin' bout lag or stuff, Coach up'n gives us more laps.  ALL of us too, I ain't never seen the like of them folks for givin' everyone trouble just cause one kid's tryin to make it with 'em.  So finally I's so dang gargled at them silly kids I was all for yellin' at em to shut up 'n just run, but I ain't do it cause I figured we'd end up with even more.  'n maybe I do got a temper 'n my hair's red, but I ain't stupid.  So I kept my mouth shut, 'n we finally got done with that.  We did jumpin' jacks 'n squats 'n Coach Jill give us a big ole lecture on eatin' lotsa pasta 'n not eatin no junk food.  I'mma hafta hide the Cherry Coke at my house I think, cause I figure I prolly ain't s'posed to be havin' that neither.  But a girl's gotta have somethin' when she did somethin' good, right?  And don't gimme no broccoli neither cause that sure ain't count. 

Anyhow, Coach put us all on this big block 'n told us we're sinkin' and we gotta work together not to fall off it.  So it starts movin' 'n shrinkin' 'n openin' up holes right under us 'n stuff.  That was some pretty crazy stuff but ain't no one helpin' no one.  I fell off finally 'n so I watched 'n mostly kids was just shovin' other kids off so they could stay on.  Which's pretty much all you can do, I guess.  If it were really sinkin' that's what I'd be doin', cep I'd let Bren ride piggyback prolly cause I ain't gonna shove her overboard.  So Coach said we all flunked, but it ain't make no sense to me nohow.  She tole us we hadda come up with somethin' else.  So we come up with this idea where we all stand on each other's heads.  Now there's 'bout fifteen or so of us, 'n we ain't all there that day but there was enough.  It took us a real long time but we started pilin' one on top of the other til we looked like this:

Coach was buildin' stuff 'n helpin us cause you can't just jump on someone's head from the ground when they're five or six folks up.  So someone sneezed or somethin' cause half of us fell down 'n we hadda do it again, but that was okay cause we sure 'nuff did!  So I'm standin' there yellin to help folks as ain't up there yet, but really I'm thinkin' Coach is pretty much the coolest teacher I ever met cause she's the only grown up I know cep my Aunt Bel who lets kids do cool stuff like make a fifteen-kid stack.  Aunt Bel let me get shot outta a cannon once and that was real fine cep my ears rang for a while.  I'm also thinkin' I hope my mom ain't walk by cause she won't like it near so much as Coach, and she'll likely have a heart attack right there on the sidewalk 'n die, and there ain't be nothin' I can do about it cause I'm holdin' four people up 'n standin' on another eight.  I figure Miss Nevy got more sense, cause she was over there watchin' but right about the time I think that, she starts cheerin' us on.  So OSE's definitely the coolest school I ever seen cause all them teachers is straight-on-up crazy.

Anyhow, I got home from soccer 'n that's when Mom jawed my whole backside off for dumpin' slurpee on Sloane, but I already tole that story, so I'm goin' to bed.  Someone tell Bren to turn out the lights...

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