Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Young Citizens Society

I already talked 'bout Mr. Jace's class before, but it's really gotta be the coolest classI ever heard of before.  It ain't hardly like school at all cep the whole learnin' part.  We're still playin' rice 'n I think the Red Team's ahead.  But we're doin' lotsa other cool stuff too.

We learned all about honeybees one week.  We hadda read a book about em in class 'n we talked about it.  Tristan found this thing bout these honeybees buildin' a hive all up in a church steeple.  No foolin'!  It was like 75 feet tall 'n the church only found it cause there was honey rollin' down the walls inside one day.  Guess when the Bible talked 'bout the land of milk 'n honey, it ain't kiddin!  They hadda kill all them bees though, which is real bad, cause I ain't never hear of no endangered insect before but if there is one, I guess it's the honeybee.  They're in a whole lotta trouble cause of pesticides 'n other stuff 'n if we lose em, we're the ones that's in a whole lotta trouble.  Honeybees help all the crops like oranges 'n peaches 'n strawberries 'n stuff so I reckon we better shape up 'n take care of em.  Too bad the bees in that church ain't killer bees instead.  Now there's one I spect we could do without.

We come in another day 'n played Bingo.  No, wait.  We played BEEngo, which was way cooler.  All our cards had diff'rent honeybee pictures 'n Mr. Jace called out letters 'n pictures 'n we put honeycomb chips on em.  So while we was playin', he tole us all kindsa stuff 'bout the diff'rent kinds of bees.  There's even this Grim Reaper bee that gets ridda all the dead honeybees.  I sure ain't like that job.  Fact, I ain't never wanna be no honeybee cause the boys give the queen babies 'n then they die, 'n the queen sits around 'n lays babies all day, like thousands 'n thousands of em.  And the workers gotta be on brat baby bee duty alla time, so I figure there ain't too many good jobs in a honeybee hive 'n I'm pretty glad I'm a girl.  Man, them baby bees is UGLEE.  They come poppin' outta their lil cells like one of them Whack-A-Mole things.  Maybe I'd be a brat bee worker if they'd gimme a big mallet 'n I could whack em on the heads.  Anyway, I ain't come close to winnin'.  Spect my card was broke or somethin'.

On Friday we hadda bee day in class, 'n we all hadda come dressed up like honeybees.  I felt pretty stupid cause when I got there ain't no one dressed up but me.  So I was real glad when folks changed 'n then I ain't the only one in a honeybee costume.  Lola had this real awesome hair with big holes in it 'n inside was all kindsa food 'n stuff...sorta like a honeybee storin' food in their hives.  Cep hers was in her hair.  It was cool.  Ethan come dressed up as a rabbit, so I spect he got the wrong memo 'n thought it was Easter.  We made honeycomb jars 'n honey pots for people that was special to us.  I made mine for my mom, since she was awful steamed bout that slurpee 'n I felt bad for makin' her worried.  Cause I love my mom lots so I gave her mine.  Pygar made one for me, 'n that was awful nice cause ain't no kid never made me nothin' before or give me nothin'.  I put it on my desk at home so's I can remember to do nice things for folks 'cause maybe ain't no one never give them nothin' either.

I got more to say but I guess I talk too much.  So I'mma put it in a second post.  And someday there'll be all my pictures soon's I hogtie Bren into scrappin em for... *cough* I mean... soon's I scrap em 'n put em on here.

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