Thursday, August 26, 2010

We getted ANIMAL day!

Cos today getted a real good day b'cos we getted to go to SCHOOL. M'kenna taked me b'cos my mommy counent take me, cept for m'kenna goed to class before me. Cos I getted to stand with Miss JILL so I can get waitin for my class. Cept for then I goed to sit in my classroom cos I getted bein the only one there. Cos then Miss Jill comed in an she gived me a nice COLORIN picture cept for how did she know that getted my favrite thing? Cos then she gived me a FAERY colorin cos faerys get my favrite too! Cept for she getted a real smart princeybull b'cos she knows all that things an she getted SO NICE b'cos she gets my FAVRITE princeybull now. Cos then I getted colorin my nice faery, cos I gived her green wings like my pretendin wings an I gived her a nice purple dress an I maked her get red hair like me!

Cept for Miss Kendra getted sick so she getted a porkepine in her throat cos when she talked, she did. An Sierra getted sick too b'cos she getted a cold. Cept for then Miss Kendra getted tryin to fix her voice an then Chloe an Ashlynne an Sierra getted colorin on the WALL. Cept for they drawed on it lots b'cos that getted real naughty. Cos then Miss Kendra dident like that an she getted sad an then they had to get sittin outside. Cept for I wounent like to get sittin outside. Only then the princeybull had to get talkin to them with her frowny face.

Cos then we played ANIMALS an I getted bein a kangaroo! Cos I like that one b'cos they getted hop-hop-HOPPIN everywhere. An I had to go to the zoo cos some goed to the zoo an some goed to the barn house.

Cos then we getted lunch an I getted my nice sandwich an FRENCH FRIES cept for I dident get my slurpee b'cos my mommy wounent let me get that thing. Cos then we goed outside. There dident get a swing b'cos they getted taked so I getted to play BUBBLES. We getted those big big BIG ones an it eated me all up. So I flied in the SKY in that bubble. Cos then we mostly all flied in the bubbles. We getted havin a SO GOOD TIME!

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