Monday, October 25, 2010

Soccer Balls 'n Stuff

We hadda register for next term.  I can’t believe our first month of school went so fast.  Sana come down while we waited but she can’t register yet – she’s gonna though ‘s soon as it opens up to everyone.  I’m doin my same two classes again.  It’s kinda a lot, but Mr. Jace’s class rocks and I got lotsa friends in Miss Nevy’s class, so I spect I ain’t goin nowhere yet.  Brenna was harder though.  We been havin so much trouble with the comps ‘n all that she was thinking of switchin anyhow.  Then we get to registration ‘n Miss Kendra moved her class two hours later.  So it ain’t end til like 12:30 at night.  I guess that ain’t too late, but it’s way later’n Bren was ready for.  So we hadda have a lil powwow cause ‘less she come into one of my classes, we ain’t really see how she could go to school.  She ended up talkin to Miss Jill.  Miss Jill tole her she could come to class late on Mondays – Bren has to be rl on Mondays ‘n ain’t can wake up til like…5:15 or 5:30 mostly.  So she’s goin in Miss Jill’s class.  She’s pretty excited but kinda sad cause she was makin friends in Miss Kendra’s class ‘n now she’s gotta start all over.  Ms. V. moved into the house next to ours.  It’s real funny to hear folks talkin through the walls ‘n know they can hear you too.  But it’s cool.  We ain’t know her too good yet. 

Wednesday we had soccer.  Soccer’s the best part of the week.  Coach give us all a soccer ball ‘n we hadda each make our own colors.  Someone else got orange, so mine’s red now.  So anytime there’s a red soccer ball around somewhere, it’s mine.  We hadda wear em around alla time ‘n Coach kept comin over ‘n stealin em.  Like she stole mine ‘n kicked it across the gym like five times.  I started bookin it whenever she come lookin my way, but it was way fun ‘n we all got to laughin ‘bout it.  She tole us we hadda have our soccer balls with us all the time til next practice.  Even in class!  Miss Nevy ain’t gonna like that, but Coach’s the principal so I figure if they got to fussin’ bout it, Coach’d prolly win.  So we wore em to class ‘n it’s kinda hard to sit at your desk when you’re hangin’ onto a soccer ball.  But we done it.  Leastways we done it til Miss Nevy come in ‘n tole us to put the toys away.  Toys!  I knew she ain’t go for it.  So we tole her we hadda wear em, but some other kids ain’t on the team were fussin’ bout lag.  See, now if they was on the team, Coach’ud just make em run laps til they either smart enough to not say nothin or just too darn tired to fuss no more.  Miss Nevy was watchin practice so you’d think she’da knew why we had em on.  But we lost that one ‘n we hadda take em off ‘n put em away. 

Miss Jill hadda sub for us on Friday, I ain’t remember why.  She ain’t like school too much I think, so it’s kinda weird that she’s a principal but I bet Bren ain’t gonna do no spellin in her class.  We got to play lotsa games ‘n stuff.  Plus she let us jump out the second-floor window, which pretty much proves she really IS the coolest teacher I ever seen.  I ain’t never had no teacher let us do that.   Well, once when I was a grownup, everyone jumped out the second floor window in college ‘n we had permission ‘n everything.  Cep that ain’t work out too good cause my roommate busted her back ‘n hadda go to the hospital.  Which shount be funny but it kinda was cause when the doctor come in, he asked her what she done ‘n she laid there ‘n bawled ‘n said, “I jumped out the window!”  Well, doc thought she was some kinda crazy, but mostly everyone did.  Jump out the window.  Guess we all were crazy.  I ain’t jump though ‘n my rl mom tole me she was glad I’d fin’lly growed up enough to get some sense.  Course I was dumb enough to open my fat mouth ‘n tell her “Well, it just ain’t been my turn yet is all.” So I spect I ain’t got too much sense after all ‘n I’m glad I’m a kid again cause it’s way more fun.  Plus we can jump out windows some more.

I had the crappy lappy for that class so I had lotsa trouble playin.  I felt real bad cause I ain’t want Coach to think I’m a quitter, but there’s some things you do ‘n some things just ain’t worth the aggravation.  Tryin to play soccer on that ole lappy’d be one of em.  Well it ain’t really soccer, just a game kinda like soccer that our class played, but same idea.  She turned the ball into a bacon wrap.  I ain’t never seen no bacon soccer ball.  Glad my dog ain’t there or we’d of had no soccer ball at all!  But we still had fun, ‘n then we went to Bren’s open house at Miss Kendra’s class cause our mom coun’t come.  Bren was pretty much the hit of that party cause I swear she tagged every single kid in her class ‘n she put em all up in a big display ‘n give em all away to the kids.  It looked real great ‘n I was pretty proud of her. 

Harvest Festival’s on the weekend.

(Yah, dude, I know it was really a month ago.  I got behind ‘n hadda keep my logs offline a while til I can get em caught up all the way.  I’m gettin there, geez.)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Young Citizens, part II-- Walk on the Wild Side

So Mr. Jace promised us a field trip but first he took us to our Base Camp.  We got a whole camp all ours with tents 'n stuff 'n a fire ring 'n everything else you gotta have for campin'.  It's pretty cool,'n he promised we'd get to camp out there after our hike next weekend.  First I hadda get through all my homework for miss Nevy.  I done so much stuff about South America I spect there's gonna be a monkey livin in my bedroom soon.  I done my biome project on the cerrado. That's sorta this grassland near the rainforest 'n it's just as weird. But it went pretty good -- I ain't so great a builder, but ever'one liked my project anyhow.  Keirsten hadda run soccer practice that Friday too cause Miss Jill ain't get to be there.

Anyhow, so on Saturday, Mr. Jace took us to these big caverns.  They totally rocked.  We got there 'n stood around gettin ready to go in.  We's on this platform like a million feet high.  Half of us went with some lady chaperone 'n the other half I was in went with Mr. Jace.  Py was in my group, 'n Jayden 'n Daisy 'n some other folks.  We hadda walk down all these bridges into this giant cave that looked like a big ole demon.  We walked down the falls 'n we ain't see it til later but they was haunted by this lady ghost.  Then we hadda walk on all these narrow paths 'n down by this big river that looked like blood.  I ain't know if it really was, but Py said the plants growin there were meat eaters.  Since they were all way bigger'n me, we stayed pretty much away from em.  Just in case.  Jayden was all goin nuts, leapin 'n flippin around like crazy.  She climbed up all the way to the top of the cliffs 'n I figured that'ud be the end of her any second, but it ain't somehow.  I gotta hand it to her -- she got nerve even if she is straight up crazy.

So we go down these weeny log bridges 'n then over these real skinny tightrope wires.  Ain't I mention this school rocks?  It's a good thing my mom ain't there cause she'd of had a stroke 'n fell clean off em.  Thought I might myself, but I made it okay.  We went down on the river 'n then through this real creepy cave.  Cep when we come out the other side... well I figure we took a wrong turn somewhere cause it was like walkin out in Wonderland.  It was rainin flowers, the waterfall was purple 'n the trees were pink tie dye.  Turned out we'd stumbled into Woodstock, but Mr. Jace made us go back into the caves.  We met up with the other group 'n they said they saw dinosaurs 'n giant spiders.  So then Mr. Jace give us some time to go lookin round on our own.  Py 'n me went back up the trail.  I took my baseball bat just in case.  We saw the ghost in the waterfall 'n hiked up to the top of some other falls too.  We ain't see no giant spider but we went into this canyon 'n stumbled into a giant nest of cobras.  We got outta that 'n fell into a huge pile of spiders.  Maybe they ain't giant but they was plenty big enough for me.  After that I fell in the river 'n near to drowned.  We were gonna try to hike way up to this other tightrope bridge, but Mr. Jace called us back 'n said it was time to go back to base camp.  So we done that 'n had sandwiches 'n sodas.  Then we all sat around the bonfire while Mr. Jace tole us these real creepy stories.  It was way fun.  I hope he tells October in the Chair sometime -- that's one'a my favorites.  We was sposed to stay all night 'n sleep with our rice rally teams but everyone ended up goin home finally.  It was still the rockingest class I ever had though.

Oh, 'n red's winnin the rice rally right now.  Yeah red team!

Caverns collage